Finding time to write.

August 20, 2013 Posted by BadassJones


Thom Bruning

Thom Bruning

I’ve got baggage.  Lots of baggage.  So in trying to write, I don’t know if it’s a fear of putting myself out there or a fear of success or what, but it is always easy for me to find other shit I need to do instead of being creative.  That’s just how I’m wired.  Then you add on the fact my wife is the bread winner (money maker or whatever you want to call it), and I have to take care of the house, my son, the books for our personal and financial shit, and do the billing and office manager stuff for my wife’s business.  So being that I’m already hard wired to find things to do other than my writing, plus all of my actual responsibilities, it becomes really really hard to prioritize my writing.  Despite all that, somehow, I have been able to sneak time here and there and get some writing done this past year.  I feel pretty good about it.  Don’t want to feel too good about it or then I will have to feel bad about it.  It’s just my baggage.

- Thom Bruning, author of Badass  Jones


Sweeping To Clear My Mind

August 16, 2013 Posted by BadassJones

My studio is an old building:  open rafters, 80 years old, second story, and it is right on the train tracks.  So before renovations when I would get to my studio, there was stuff that I guess fell out of the rafters from the vibration of the train.   I would always bitch as I swept the floor, but I noticed that every day as I swept the floor, it also swept away the anxiety and stress and whatever else I brought with me to the studio.  Now that the studio has been renovated a bit, I’m not greeted by a dirty ass floor, but I still sweep the floor to separate myself from any of the bullshit I might have brought to the studio with me.  It turns out Badass likes a clean house too, which will be revealed in his soon to be released Short Film:  Things That Go Thump In The Night.

By Thom Bruning, author of Badass Jones

Backyard BBQ

August 15, 2013 Posted by BadassJones

Continuing the dream theme.  The idea for Backyard BBQ sparked from a freaky ass dream I had one night.  There was a BBQ or a grill in a backyard and there was a zombie in the backyard:  a child, a little girl.  Don’t remember why I was there, if it was my backyard or what, but I do remember I was trying to kill the little kid zombie.   I picked her up and was trying to stop her by punching her over and over in the head.  Finally I realized that wasn’t doing any good, and I threw her down and pulled out my pistol – then I woke up.  I had been on a zombie fiction kick and hopefully that is what kicked the dream off.

How have your freaky ass dreams shaped your writing?

By Thom Bruning, author of Badass Jones

Badass Jones is Born.

August 14, 2013 Posted by BadassJones


My wife woke up one night and started telling me about a dream she had.  In that dream, she was telling me a name that she had dreamed (within the dream).  She said, “I can’t remember the name, but it was Badass something:   Badass Jones maybe.”  As soon as I heard Badass Jones, it was like a voice inside of me woke up.  It started talking a certain way and saying some pretty funny shit -this Badass Jones voice- and right then I knew that was a character I had to write about.

Would like to hear if anyone else has had a dream spark some creativity.

By Thom Bruning, author of Badass Jones